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At R.A.D Exports™, we ensure our customers receive good quality products at competitive prices in a timely fashion to make their experience trouble-free and profitable.

Working in developing countries can often be a tedious and cumbersome task. It is not uncommon to get bogged down with production problems, quality issues, and late deliveries resulting in claims or cancellation of orders.

As your one-stop office in Pakistan, we attend to all your buying needs from the time you send an enquiry till the time you receive the goods. Our aim is to make buying from Pakistan simple and effortless, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

R.A.D. Exports™ is a renowned buying agency and a well managed sourcing, product designing, back office services and product development company based in Pakistan, providing its services to buyers all over the globe. R.A.D. Exports™ team is backed by extensive experience in sourcing all types of plain dyed carded and combed bath towels, bath sheets, hotel towels, wash/face cloths, bath mats, sauna sets, bath robes, and wash mitts in shuttles and power loom qualities. We also offer yarn dyed, jacquard, double jacquard, velour, Egyptian, 0-twist, organic, and Subprime towels. R.A.D. Exports™ is currently working with several overseas companies and is committed to source best quality products at right price.

R.A.D. Exports™ founded in 1997, is a service company driven by principles of ethical business approach, respect and dignity for individuals and concern for environment and society at large. Small World Pakistan make progressive use of technology to achieve functional excellence in our work and create sustainable value for our clients.